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The EV Revolution is happening—right now. The leadership of LeapCharger is dedicated to building a unique dual network of accessible EV chargers—creating an opportunity to make EV charging fair, safe, sustainable, and accessible to battery-powered vehicles around the planet.
Shubham Kumar
Chief Innovation Consultant
Student entrepreneur in the renewable energy and charging station space. Founder of BlackVizor, Ltd., a renewable energy marketplace for consumers to connect with suppliers in their area. Won global competitions and hackathons such as the Uber global hackathon at the age of 15 with his carbon emission tracking app prototype.
Praveenkumar Vijayakumar
Chief Executive Officer
Founder and CEO of Belfrics, a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain firm operating in currently 7+ countries. Praveen founded Belfrics in 2014 and the group has over 2 decades of trading experiences in various markets. Belfrics is now public after its inception by a public limited company based in Florida.
Senthil Kumaran
Chief Technology Officer
Highly motivated software engineer with very good knowledge of solving problems with efficient algorithms using most efficient data structures. Senthil holds an MS from University of Texas and is the chief architect of the software development division. He has a strong understanding of data science and machine learning capabilities.
Kris Wadia
Kris specializes in mission-critical launches, growth and transformations as an interim senior executive or board director, supporting the founders or C-suite of clients ranging from startups to multinationals. He has a proven track record of revenue acceleration and EBITA improvement at speed and scale globally across multiple industries.
Gabriele Badino
Chief Sustainability Consultant
Founder of 4 Lifers Clothing, at the young age of 15 Gabriele has had previous experiences as an entrepreneur and transitioned from sustainable fashion into the EV industry. Gabriele is highly motivated individual and with his profound work ethic and communication skills, he is a key driving factor for sustainability for LeapCharger Europe.
Chris Oyeniyi
Independent Director
A Chartered Accountant with over 13 years experience in financial services and advisory a meticulous C-Level Executive, excellent at forging relationships and partnerships. Co-founded the first logistics Tech company for heavy duty trucks in Nigeria that grew rapidly attracting the likes of IFC and DFC. Today Chris has dedicated his time consulting for Tech Start- ups some of which are publicly quoted companies in the United Kingdom.
Satish Shekar
Independent Director
As a consultant and entrepreneur for the past two decades, Satish has worked in the area of supply chain, carbon footprint, identity, blockchain, etc. With this experience, his inclination is towards eco-system creation like Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Digital Public Goods (DPG) with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). He is CEO and Founder of Takshay Labs. and also founder of Culkey Foundation, which partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in India for creating the DPI for this faith-based organization.

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