A network built around your business.


LeapCharger aims to empower businesses by harnessing the power of our unique, dual-purposed charging stations, making sure that your visitors don’t just have to come back, but want to come back. 

EV drivers will be looking to kill some time while charging, so why not spend some time in your business?

At Eye Level

LeapCharger’s crispy 55” inch display is something your customers can never get enough of. 

With highly engaging content just inches away from your valuable customers, your business can reach marketing goals fast, just like our chargers!

Pick, Plug, Power

your Electric Vehicle Today

Zip around town with confidence knowing you can easily find charging stations on the go. LeapCharger looks to make your EV experience better, giving you instant access to a network of charging stations, real-time updates, and even seamless payments – all in the palm of your hand. No more range anxiety, no more hunting for stations.

Take the leap into hassle-free charging and join the future of driving.