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A New Way to Advertise

Charging stations aren’t just about getting EVs back on the road—they’re an innovative opportunity for spreading the message about your brand.

Think about it: When an EV driver is charging up, you’ve got a captive audience to promote your services or products!

You’ll get plenty of exposure, since LeapCharger’s advertising stations are located in high-traffic areas such as parking lots in malls, restaurants, supermarkets, offices, and more.

Whatever your budget, we have a large number of competitively priced advertising packages that allow you to cost-effectively target your message to certain locations, times of day, and more.

Our advertising-based solutions include:
DC - Level 3
  • Up to 120 kW speed
  • CCS2 + CHAdeMO dual charging
  • 55” digital advertising display
  • Remote software updates
AC - Level 2
  • Up to 22 kW speed
  • Type 2 dual charging
  • 55” digital advertising display
  • Remote software updates

At Eye Level

LeapCharger’s crisp 55” display is attractive and persuasive. With highly engaging content, your business can reach marketing goals fast, just like our chargers!

Pick, Plug, Power

your Electric Vehicle Today

Zip around town with confidence knowing you can easily find charging stations on the go. LeapCharger looks to make your EV experience better, giving you instant access to a network of charging stations, real-time updates, and even seamless payments – all in the palm of your hand. No more range anxiety, no more hunting for stations.

Take the leap into hassle-free charging and join the future of driving.

Become a part of our innovative charging network

Receive a percentage of the revenue from every charging transaction.

Unique opportunities for commercial property owners to drive additional income.

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