Who’s Leading the Charge in the EV Market?

There still aren’t enough charging stations to support the massive growth in battery-powered vehicles. One under-the-radar company, LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN), could hold the key.
Editorial Article | November 1st.
We’re at a key juncture in the evolution of electric vehicles, with car manufacturers around the planet seeking to dominate the space in the coming decade.
But the cars and new technologies themselves aren’t the whole story.
In the next few minutes, we’ll share the eye-popping growth numbers that are creating another opportunity—one that’s absolutely critical to the prospects of this burgeoning industry.
Equally important, we’ll give you the highlights of LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN), a new disruptor on the scene that’s jumped into the fray at just the right moment.
They’re locked and loaded to meet this critical need—and with industry mergers and consolidations picking up steam, they’ve also got potential as an acquisition target.
Savvy investors know how essential it is to get in early, before the smoke has cleared and all the players have staked out their positions.
Equally important, any investor must perform his/her own independent due diligence, always consulting with a professional investment advisor prior to making any decision.
Here’s your heads-up on how to capitalize…

LeapCharger Corp. INFO
About: LeapCharger Corp. is an emerging growth company that aims to provide high-quality electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to consumers and businesses.

Stock Symbol: LCCN
Investor Contact: +1 917 391 0061

By the Numbers: Skyrocketing EV Sales
Electric vehicles (EVs) are renowned for their fast acceleration, thanks to the engineering and torque provided by an electric motor.
While the Tesla Model S can slam you back in your seat, launching from 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds, the acceleration of the industry itself has been an equally wild ride.
From 2017 to 2022, annual EV sales soared from around 1 million to 10+ million (For perspective, sales in 2012 were only around 100,000),[1] according to research from the International Energy Agency.
Perhaps even more astonishingly, projections from the same research are for 14 million EV sales in 2023—yes, that’s about 35% growth.[2]
Then, we will nearly double those figures by 2030, with an estimated 27 million EVs on the road by 2030,[3] says PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
While EV sales are skyrocketing, and customer satisfaction is higher than ever with the vehicles themselves, there’s a vexing problem lurking underneath the statistics.
The Existing EV Charging Infrastructure Can’t Keep Up
Put simply, the number and quality of charging stations hasn’t kept up with surging demand—leaving EV owners frustrated, annoyed, and praying for a better solution.
The longtime concerns about range anxiety are still a problem, and inadequate number of stations and slow charging times make matters worse.
It’s the perfect time for LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) to capitalize.
The 2023 J.D. Power U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study found widespread customer dissatisfaction with public charging facilities—hitting the lowest level since the study began in 2021.
In addition to costly and slow charges, reliability is a major issue, with 1 of every 5 visits ending without charging, most often due to outages.[4]
When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why it’s a major issue.
To handle those millions and millions of EVs, there are currently fewer than 9,000 direct-current fast-charging stations (with about 36,000 plugs) in the US and Canada, according to the US Department of Energy.
Given the parabolic growth of EV vehicles, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that 182,000 fast chargers will be needed by 2030 in the US alone.[5]
If PwC’s projections are correct about 27 million vehicles, it will require the EV charging market growing 10x to support them.
Again, that’s just in the US, where the EV charging market is about $4 billion and expects to rise to more than $49 billion in 2030.
When you look at the overall world picture, it’s even more mind-blowing.
The global charging station market is anticipated to grow to $226.3 billion by 2031—with a CAGR of 30.5% through the next decade,[6] according to Bloomberg.
The above numbers pose both an incredible problem and opportunity. However, such numbers should never form the basis for any investment decision, and are included merely as industry background and context. Any decision to invest in any company should be made after consultation with a professional investment advisor and review of the available due diligence of any particular company.
A Leap Forward in EV Charging
Which isn’t to say there aren’t challenges, because there are. It isn’t cheap or simple to build charging infrastructure, and the lack of standardization within the existing EV charging infrastructure continues to be a problem.
Imagine you could only go to certain types of gas stations because of the make and model of your car, or if the only gas station available took hours to fill you up. That’s what EV owners have to deal with.
LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN), a startup in the EV charging solutions space, has big plans to change that dynamic with its state-of-the-art technology.
Currently based out of the UAE, they’re already drawing up expansion plans within North America, the EU, and South Asia.
In fact, they just recently announced specific plans to enter Canada during the 1st quarter of 2024.
The founders bring a unique spin to the industry, with a young entrepreneur, Shubham Kumar, partnering with an experienced serial fintech entrepreneur, Praveen Kumar.
Obviously, their priority is to provide fast, reliable charging solutions at affordable prices, but how they’re going to accomplish it is worth a closer look.
Their three hardware solutions include:

  • #1: 150kW DC Charging Stations – These state-of-the-art smart-charging stations are fast and efficient, perfect for highway exits, with multi-connector outputs offering excellent compatibility across the charging requirements of various EVs.
  • #2: Advertising Charging Stations – 49” IPS displays make this an ideal ad-delivery solution in high-traffic parking lots in malls, supermarkets, and restaurants. With the additional revenue from advertising, LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) can keep users’ costs low and loyalty high.
  • #3: Mobile Charging – Adaptable to charge a variety of vehicles, with a battery capacity of 65 kWh and speeds up to 40kW—and it’s faster and cheaper than their competitors.
While the initial focus is on the commercial offerings listed above, LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) will also be partnering on charging station installations with residential communities and multifamily property owners.
Indeed, in early December 2023, Leap Charger just announced the installation of its first EV charger in a residential villa in Dubai!
Then, what ties it all together is their user-friendly mobile app.
Not surprisingly, it makes it easy for customers to get directions to their nearest charging station, and also to book a spot at a charging station.
Due to Kumar’s extensive experience in fintech, it also includes a unique twist.
Payments are made using a secure blockchain wallet, which stores the user’s funds and can be applied at any LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) stations.
LeapCharger Corp.‘s (OTC:LCCN) team has a background in startups, and a track record of scaling fast, attracting customers, partnering successfully with stakeholders, and financial stability.
With those foundational qualities—plus a charging network that is beginning to deliver speed, accessibility, and a smooth customer experience—they are one to watch as the EV charging market evolves.
Market Consolidation Ahead?
In addition to a smart strategy in its own right, it’s important to note LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) is entering a market with an accelerating number of M&A transactions.
You may recognize the names of some of the bigger players in the industry, such as Tesla, ChargePoint, and Electrify America, but we are very, very early in the game.
As the market matures, further consolidation is anticipated, potentially enabling them to leverage their technologies and stations at far greater scale.
More than 20 EV charging startups in the EU and US have been acquired since 2021 (several by major energy companies), while at least five have gone public via special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) since 2020.[7]
It’s an exciting time in the EV charging market, but no one has been able to take a commanding lead yet. As discussed above, the problems of cost, speed, and reliability aren’t going away—and need to be solved.
5 Reasons Why LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) Needs to Be on Your Radar
1. Perfect timing

This is an industry that’s just getting started, with EV growth projections indicating a 10x potential to meet charging demand in the next decade.

2. Targeted offerings

Three different highly compatible hardware solutions address the major stress points in the public charging market—making charging a fast, easy, and convenient experience instead of a headache.

3. Government support

All over the globe, politicians are throwing money at grids to support EV growth. In the US alone, the newest initiative is spending $7.5 billion to build a larger, more reliable charging network,[8] according to the Federal Highway Administration from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

4. Track record

This is a team that’s been successful with other emerging growth start-ups.

5. Multiple ways to win

Whether LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN) builds out a highly profitable, revenue-driving charging network or gets snapped up by a bigger fish for their customer base and technology, they’re poised to capitalize on this under-the-radar sector of the EV ecosystem.

Charging Towards the Future
This burgeoning sector presents a golden opportunity for early investors eyeing substantial returns. However, timing isn’t everything; wisdom is.
Here’s your pivotal moment. Dive deep into LeapCharger Corp. (OTC:LCCN), conduct your own due diligence, and consider making room in your portfolio for this company. Don’t just observe—be part of this sustainable and profitable revolution.
Join the charge, before the masses do, and don’t forget to do your own due diligence with a professional investment advisor.
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